BioBio Airstream

Have you always wondered what it would be like to travel in one of those cool steam punk spaceship like aluminum “land yachts”? Now you can try it out without the worries of towing, parking or maintenance. Our ’71 Safari Land Yacht is already parked in the most idyllic of places on a certified organic farm minutes from the artsy town of Nelson, BC. The Airstream is superbly private with its own tiny orchard and access to natural swimming ponds. We kept all the romance, but renovated the inside to the modern standards of comfort. The Airstream sleeps 2 adults in twin beds with brand new memory mattresses. The bathroom is gorgeous boasting custom built cabinetry and full size amenities- all the comforts of home. The dining room is custom built and is super cozy. Quality linens, marmoleum floors, zero VOC finishes and custom cabinetry ensure comfort and serenity. The kitchen is equipped with a gas stove and oven, electric toaster oven, coffee maker, fridge and everything you might need to prepare delicious meals: form pots and pans to utensils and dishes. Add the outdoor shower, picnic table, gorgeous views, a fire pit, swimming in natural pools and fresh produce form the farm and you will understand why our BioBio Airstream doesn’t feel the need to travel far.




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