Why BioBio?

The name comes from a French children’s song by Pascal Parisot, Mes Parents Sont Bio. “My parents are organic,” Pascal sings. “At our house everything’s organic/The salt is organic/The frying pan is organic/My father is Organic Man/Married to Organic Woman.” The chorus is “Bio, Bio, Bio, Bio, Bio”- organic, organic, organic… It’s a funny song, but it sort of expresses tongue in cheek how we operate here on Arrowhead Farm.


How are we organic? We grow 90% of our own food (100 meter diet) and supply many households with produce from our farm. That, of course, means eating seasonal and making everything from scratch. In fact, we produce way more food than we consume, but in this mountainous terrain we can’t grow grain and hay in the amounts we need for our cows and chickens. We buy our certified organic grain and hay from a fellow farmer in Creston valley- the only place within 100 miles that grows grain. We don’t use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, instead relying on composting, crop rotation, companion planting and attracting beneficial insects. We compost and recycle, use permaculture to create living systems that support wild birds and bees. We build ponds, providing habitat for amphibians.
We choose to re-use and repair: our house is 110 years old and we lovingly brought it to modern standards of energy efficiency. To reduce our energy consumption, we put in geo thermal heating and a Heat Recovery Ventilator system.
We invite you to see how sustainable living can be comfortable and joyful and in our small way we hope to get more people into it and change the world!
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